Heaven Land Fertilizer — IDO Guidelines

6 min readApr 28, 2022

Meet The Most Promising Metaverse on Solana

A virtual reality platform in which users can build & monetize their assets

Heaven Land represents a virtual world (Metaverse) that aims to become one of the best Metaverse projects across all blockchains. Heaven Land is a place where everyone can live their virtual life — it’s open, social, persistent and provides users with tools to interact, experience, improve and monetize their property.

The virtual economy backbone is Solana blockchain; a backbone for content storage is decentralized IPFS.

Heaven Land: Metaverse for Everyone

Heaven Land plans to connect the buzzing concept of the metaverse driven by the notion of infinite possibilities for development and application.

Their direction is centered around 4 main pillars of motivation:

  1. Virtualization — the virtualization of our world is already in full swing; and there are clear signs that this virtualization process will continue to gain momentum and sophistication in the future.
  2. Tangible Challenge — The Heaven Land team is congizant of how the technical challenges in the physical world connect to the evolution of the metaverse and are all in on doing their part to push the metaverse forward through their pursuit of developing Heaven Land.
  3. Infinite possibilities — Heaven Land was built to deliver an otherworldly experience while still maintaining the agility to pivot, innovate, and evolve as great ideas come through the pipeline. In Heaven Land, anything is and should be possible.
  4. Heaven Land Team — The team currently consists of approximately 60 people from which around half of them work full time. Their rapidly growing team is comprised of a collection of cross-industry specialists that bridge the gaps between blockchain, art, gaming, infrastructure, experiences, and marketing / business management. Each brings a different perspective and area of expertise; together they accelerate the growth and effectiveness of Heaven Land for users and the metaverse.

The Heaven Land World

The Heaven Land Metaverse will enable its residents to create their own wealth in the virtual world and literally live their 2nd life. The world itself will be limitless. Everyone will be capable of building anything they dreamed of and do whatever they always wished for.

The whole world consists of limited number of Parcels with size of 25m x 25m and a limited supply of 30,000, Parcels are Heaven Land NFTs with additional attributes directly encoded in them — with some derived from a location in Heaven Land.

First 5000 parcels were successfully sold back in February (8 times oversubscribed).

Users will be able to use Heaven Land’s Transport Grid to get around. Walking, Teleporting to 38 spawn areas. They’ll also have cars, hover crafts, and the main method of transport Hyperlink: which will funnel users to their Heaven Land destination through a Futurama-nostalgic portal tube. Travel to outer space will also be possible.

Each Heaven Land Citizen can have their own unique name and avatar — which can be customized to the users liking via wearables and tradables. Heaven Land also plans to give users the ability to transform their already-owned NFTs into an Avatar.

The 3 Architectural Layers of Heaven Land

  1. Consensus Layer — Implemented on the Solana blockchain. Validates virtual identity and ownership within the virtual economy.
  2. Content Layer — IPFS powered storage that supports large data transfers and will be ready for a fully populated Heaven Land.
  3. Presentation Layer — What the user sees. The presentation layer will be first built for desktop, with the ultimate goal for a full VR Heaven Land experience.

Heaven Land will also support chat and voice communication between users. P2P communication requires infrastructure that is streaming-compatible; Heaven Land plans to incentivize the building of this infrastructure.

A Heaven Land Economy centered around the $HTO Token

Heaven Land will foster its economy through 4 main components:

  1. HTO Token — fungible token on Solana. Main currency in Heaven Land.
  2. Parcels — 25x25 m. Can be merged with other parcels to create land. The bigger the land, the bigger the value. Owners can monetize based on what they do with their land. Infinite possibilities.
  3. Monetization — All in-game Heaven Land swaps are done exclusively with HTO. Whether users are working in a casino, renting their apartment, adding display Ads to your property. There’s money to be made in Heaven Land.
  4. Market — Heaven Land’s marketplace. Staking, trading, cross-NFT marketplace trading, all connected to an in-game market experience that Heaven Land expects to bring the marketplace experience to a new level.

Heaven Land’s Governance Strategy

Heaven Land governance will first be led by partners and the founding team. The agility needed at the onset of a project like Heaven Land requires a small centralized team. However, Heaven Land plans to decentralize into a citizen-run DAO; where citizens will be able to vote for the future of Heaven Land.


Heaven Land — Fertilizer Details

Token Price: 0.15 USDC for 1 HTO

Hard Cap: 400,000 USDC

Sale Type: Unlocked

Heaven Land — Fertilizer Timeline (WL → TGE)

Whitelist Starts: May 1, 2022–2:00 PM UTC

Whitelist Ends: May 5, 2022–2:00 PM UTC

Whitelist Lottery Results: May 5, 2022–4:00 PM UTC

KYC VERIFICATIONAs the verification process can take up to 48 hours, we highly recommend submitting your KYC Verification ASAP once KYC opens to ensure that you will have time to submit again if there are any issues before the sale has ended. Once your wallet is KYC verified on Cropper, you will never need to submit for KYC verification again after.

Sale Starts: May 5, 2022–4:00 PM UTC

Sale Ends: May 8, 2022–4:00 PM UTC

TGE: May 9, 2022–6:00 PM UTC

How do you participate in the Heaven Land Fertilizer Whitelist Lottery?

Social Pool

A total of 5 free lottery tickets are available through completing social tasks. You can secure more lottery tickets through Staking in Tiers 1 or 2, which is covered in detail in the staking section below.

Here are the optional social tasks you can use to gain additional lottery tickets to for Heaven Land’s Fertilizer:

  • Follow the Discord of Heaven Land and Telegram of Cropper (1 ticket for each action)
  • Follow Heaven Land’s Twitter (1 ticket)
  • Retweet & Like the main Whitelist Tweet (1 ticket )
  • Share referral link to earn additional ticket for every friend that signs up (1 ticket for successful Whitelist Registration with your referral link).

First time participating in a Whitelist on Cropper? Find an easy to follow detailed guide to all Fertilizer processes on our GitBook here: https://docs.cropper.finance/cropperfinance/cropperfinance-fonctionnement/fertilizer#0afc

Staking Pool

Cropper’s 5 Staking Tiers are directly connected to Whitelist advantages. Those who stake in Tiers 1 or 2 will receive 20–300 additional lottery tickets, while those in Tiers 3, 4, and 5 will receive guaranteed allocations and regardless of if they have a winning lottery ticket.

Learn more about Cropper’s 5 Staking Tiers:


Stake on Cropper here: https://cropper.finance/staking/

What is Heaven Land?

Heaven Land is a futuristic city, distributed platform, shared virtual world, and monetization platform, a place to spend good time, meet your friends and much more. Possibilities are endless, all of them meet in a single place — Heaven Land.

NOTE Persons located in or residents of the United States, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, any sanctioned countries as provided by OFAC, or any other jurisdiction in which it is prohibited from using any of the services offered on the Cropper website, including Fertilizer, (the “Prohibited Jurisdictions”) are not permitted to make use of these services or participate in this token sale. For the avoidance of doubt, the foregoing restrictions on any of the services offered on the Cropper website from Prohibited Jurisdictions apply equally to residents and citizens of other nations while located in a Prohibited Jurisdiction.




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