Introducing Cropper’s IDO Launchpad: Fertilizer

  • Why Cropper launched Fertilizer and how it now fits into the greater Cropper ecosystem
  • A detailed explanation of Fertilizer’s connection to Staking Tiers and how to participate
  • A rundown of Fertilizer’s IDO Timeline and what to expect when entering its Whitelists

The Cropper Ecosystem

Cropper Provides Fertile Ground For Projects To Launch

Fertilizer’s Connection To Staking Tiers

The Fertilizer Whitelist

1. IDO Social Tasks

2. Staking Tiers

  • 1 Year | 1 CRP Staked = 1 sCRP
  • 6 months | 1 CRP Staked = 0.5 sCRP
  • 3 months | 1 CRP Staked = 0.25 sCRP
  • 1 month | 1 CRP Staked = 0.083 sCRP

The IDO Timeline


  • Due Diligence — Users will be able to research and explore project info on their dedicated Fertilizer event page and run their own due diligence before investing.
  • Discovery Events — Each Fertilizer IDO will feature at least one project AMA as well as additional media and content to help educate participants and promote the launch.
  • Project Deep Dive — Each Fertilizer IDO will publish a Medium article that puts a project’s detail page in context and speaks to why they were selected for IDO by Cropper.

Whitelist Opening

  • Twitter/Telegram Follow — 1 Lottery Ticket each
  • Twitter Retweet — 1 Lottery Ticket
  • Sharing Referrals — 1 Lottery Ticket earned for each participant who registers with your link

Whitelist Results

Whitelist Sales

Token Generation Event (TGE)

  • Pools. A pool will be opened on Cropper with the Fertilizer’s TGE, meaning you’ll be able to Buy/Sell the tokens that are launched on Fertilizer from Cropper Swap after the IDO.
  • Farms. The project’s Farm will open a few hours after its TGE. Meaning you’ll be able to stake tokens purchased through the whitelist and earn yield on them right after launch.

What’s Next?

  • Cropper’s 5 Staking Tier Avatars
  • The First Fertilizer IDO
  • The Next 3 Projects lined up for Fertilizer

Want to launch your project with Cropper on Fertilizer?



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