Why Cropper is the most comprehensive launchpad on Solana

How Cropper collaborates with projects

  • Tokenomics → Our team thoroughly examines the tokenomics of each project to make sure there are no token mechanisms that are harmful to investors;
  • Community building → We share our experience, successes, and mistakes with the teams we are working with so that they do not repeat the same errors;
  • Smart contract dev support → With extensive experience in developing Solana programs, our team can provide projects with tailored assistance when in need.

A suite of DeFi services for projects to launch on Solana

  • Liquidity Pool → create a permissionless pool for your project and run verification with our team to get it labelized;
  • Yield Farming → incentivize liquidity depositing through token emission;
  • Stacking → Offer single asset staking to your holders;
  • Bonding → Build protocol own liquidity;
  • Option Mining → incentivize liquidity providing, in exchange for options. Read more

Our roadmap for the coming months

  • Cropper Potions NFT 🧪
  • UX improvement
  • Fertilizer upgrade
  • Front end optimization
  • Cropper DAO



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Decentralized platform on the Solana blockchain — it introduces Permission less Yield Farming to the Solana ecosystem. Made by Farmers for Farmers.