Why Cropper is the most comprehensive launchpad on Solana

2 min readSep 9, 2022

Cropper’s mission is evolving to better support the growing number of projects on Solana, giving them the kick-start they need for sustainable growth. With this being said, Cropper is officially shifting into a launchpad! Don’t fret, we will not be removing our native AMM, instead, we will be leveraging it to become the most extensive launchpad on Solana, providing initial DEX offerings (IDOs) to carefully vetted projects, as well as a wide range of associated services to help these projects build their initial liquidity within the ecosystem.

How Cropper collaborates with projects

Our team is supporting projects from the very beginning of their journey to their launch, starting with giving well-backed advice and conducting analyses on several points:

  • Tokenomics → Our team thoroughly examines the tokenomics of each project to make sure there are no token mechanisms that are harmful to investors;
  • Community building → We share our experience, successes, and mistakes with the teams we are working with so that they do not repeat the same errors;
  • Smart contract dev support → With extensive experience in developing Solana programs, our team can provide projects with tailored assistance when in need.

A suite of DeFi services for projects to launch on Solana

After completing an IDO on Cropper, we offer projects with a suite of DeFi services, enabling them to build their liquidity the way they prefer. These services include Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, Staking, Bonding, or Option Mining.

  • Liquidity Pool → create a permissionless pool for your project and run verification with our team to get it labelized;
  • Yield Farming → incentivize liquidity depositing through token emission;
  • Stacking → Offer single asset staking to your holders;
  • Bonding → Build protocol own liquidity;
  • Option Mining → incentivize liquidity providing, in exchange for options. Read more

Our team is pleased to say that we are already engaged in open discussions with teams across the Solana ecosystem to begin the onboarding process to the Cropper launchpad. We greatly look forward to working closely with the smartest minds in the space.

Our roadmap for the coming months

As we make this major shift, we also take this opportunity to release our roadmap for the next couple of months:

  • Cropper Potions NFT 🧪
  • UX improvement
  • Fertilizer upgrade
  • Front end optimization
  • Cropper DAO

Please note that our next IDO will be with Companion starting on Oct. 3rd.

Thanks for your support Croppers 🧪




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