Weekly Update #5

In this (final) weekly update we’ll report:

  • The new site design + reception of new feature Fertilizer
  • The launch of our investment arm Cropperbros Research and its first partner
  • A big upcoming event and what to expect entering October

Out of this World: Outcrowd completes site design

One of the main reasons we were so excited to partner with our UX expert design agency Outcrowd was because we knew they could take CropperFinance’s love for wild cosmic farmers to the next level. We told them we wanted farmers farming peacefully in the Cosmos.

Our Farm Launcher’s hero feature, Fertilizer was Revealed

Firstly, thank you to our community for responding in such a big way to the reveal of our awesome new farm feature Fertilizer. We want to let Croppers know that we’ve been listening closely to your feedback and appreciate the great questions that have been asked about Fertilizer. We’re committed to ensuring the Fertilizer concept is as clear as possible and are already working on a more detailed rundown of its anatomy, working specs, and benefits to accomplish this.

Reminder of the value CropperFinance was built to provide

As a user of CropperFinance, what am I going to be able to do?

  • Swap SPL tokens
  • Provide liquidities to pools to earn rewards from the swap
  • Provide LP tokens to farms to earn rewards in tokens
  • Participate in exclusive events through our Fertilizer feature
  • Farm with the biggest farmer community on Solana

Cropperbros Research goes live, partners with Waggle Network

This week Cropperbros Research was launched as the investment arm of CropperFinance. We’re excited for the opportunity to now be able to support projects we believe in. The first partnership announced this week was with Waggle Network. The partnership with Waggle was all about the clear synergy we share as a result of aligned values.

Continued Team Expansion + Community Recap

We’ve added 4 Community Managers to admin our Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, and Japan Telegram Groups.

  • Community Manager — Brazil: @pedraop — Baseado no Brasil, @pedraop está sempre disponível e feliz em ajudar a comunidade Brasileira de CropperFinance pelo nosso grupo de Telegram.
  • Community Manager — Turkey: @ZodiacElPacho — Türkiye merkezli @ZodiacElPacho, Türkiye CropperFinance Telegram Grubunda size yardımcı olmaktan her zaman mutluluk duyar.
  • Community Manager — Indonesia: @barnes13 — Berbasis di Indonesia, @barnes13 selalu bersedia dan dengan senang hati membantu komunitas CropperFinance Indonesia di Grup Telegram kami
  • Community Manager — Japan: @mouri0077 日本が拠点の @mouri0077 はCropperFinanceの日本Telegramでいつでもお力になります。
  • Mikey (Main Channel)
  • Shiro (Main Channel)
  • Pony (Main Channel)
  • Astrorio (France)
  • Pedro (Brazil)
  • Zodiac (Turkey)
  • Steven (Chinese)
  • Sun Day (Vietnam)
  • Barnes (Indonesia)
  • Mouri (Japan)

A big AMA is on the way

Answers are coming. And you get to ask the questions. We’re now in the final talks with Solana communities from around the world of finalizing a week long AMA before launch.

Why This Is Our Last Weekly Update

5 weeks ago we promised you that we would release weekly updates until the farms were open and that we would keep you informed on everything you needed to know about CropperFinance’s progress.