Weekly Update #2

In this update we’ll report:

  • CRP’s performance and the key highlights of the last 7 days
  • Updates regarding MEXC, CRP’s new Market ID, Halborn, and more
  • Additions to partnerships and communities.

CropperFinance Pushes Past $1.00, Hits New ATH

Less than 3 weeks post-launch, CRP passed the $1.00 milestone and achieved a new ATH of $1.68 on gate.io. Our market cap increased and our 7-day trading volume continued to climb, topping out at $70 million across MEXC, Raydium, and Gate.io.

Is There A “New” CRP?

There’s no “New” CRP. We just had to update CRP with a new Market ID to fix a small decimal issue. The pool has been successfully migrated and we were top 3.

MEXC Maintenance Update

MEXC experienced some issues involving Solana token and SPL withdrawals this week. There was no arbitrage available, so it resulted in a temporary price difference for CRP on GATE / MEXC. They’ve already completed their maintenance upgrade and withdrawals are open again.

CropperFinance Is In With The Outcrowd

CropperFinance has now teamed up with renowned UX / UI design experts, Outcrowd. Known to deliver the highest standards on the market, Outcrowd was the ideal partner to bring our vision to life.

Halborn Audit Update

The audit is underway and progressing. Part of working with the industry’s best means removing any weakness. CropperFinance is currently undergoing Halborn’s Advanced Penetration Testing and Offensive Security Tactics to identify any critical vulnerabilities.

We Also Added 3 New Telegram Communities

In France, Vietnam and Brazil? Join other farmers here at CropperFinance’s new:

Our Commitment to Community

As we continue to add more and more local communities to the global CropperFinance community, we believe it’s important our farmers know where we stand.