Weekly Update #1

In this update we’ll report:

  • How smooth CRP’s performance has been out of the gate
  • Additions to partnerships, exchanges, our team, and more
  • The progress of our Halborn audit and some exciting new developments

CRP Is Successfully Launched

Last month we took a huge step toward realizing our mission to provide the first Permissionless Yield Farming protocol on Solana. After a tireless Summer securing funds and earning partnerships with trusted industry leaders, we launched our CRP token on August 23rd.

Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished since.

Farmers Prepare To Harvest

After a huge response to our whitelist lottery, our IDO on Solanium netted 70,000+ followers and a 9.68x ROI (ATH). Post launch the momentum carried as we successfully opened IEO on Gate.io and MEXC. Just a few days later we started to make some serious noise that had farmers asking “What’s special about this pair?”

3 days in, CRP rose to the top of the permissionless pools leaderboard at $3.8M in volume. But we kept climbing, ultimately hitting $5.6M in volume to top Solana’s Most-Traded Raydium Permissionless Pools list in our first 7 days.

Where Farmers Can Now Fill Their Bag with CRP

This past week CRP was added to 7 exchanges:

And farmers can now watch CRP on:

CRP Sees Its First Heavy Load & Performs Flawlessly

Our RPC continues to take on our growing volume but even with a heavy load there’s been zero setbacks. Last week we logged 60 requests per second for more than 5.72M requests with 100% request validation.

CropperFinance’s Twitter & Telegram Followings Skyrocket

Our Twitter and Telegram communities have exploded in the last month. We added 38,000 (93.2% Increase) Twitter followers and nearly 50,000 (177.7% Increase) Telegram followers.

CropperFinance’s tweets alone reached more than 1.23 million people last month. And we can’t be more excited that our platform continues to attract so many farming enthusiasts like us. New wallet’s are also taking notice.

We Also Added 3 New Telegram Communities

In China or Korea? Join other farmers here at CropperFinance’s new:

And 4 New Team Members

  • Content Manager: Bryan — Born and raised in NYC and now based in Hong Kong, Bryan is a proven communications wiz with years of experience helping startups deliver outstanding customer experiences and scale their marketing efforts globally.
  • Community Manager: @Itsmikeyhere — Based in Singapore, @Itsmikeyhere is always happy to help in the CropperFinance Telegram Group.
  • Community Manager: @WhitebeardShiroHigee — Based in Singapore, @WhitebeardShiroHigee is always happy to help in the CropperFinance Telegram Group.
  • Community Manager: @Stevenwei007 — Based in Taiwan,@Stevenwei007 is always happy to help in the CropperFinance Chinese Telegram Group.


CRP has seen an incredible start and we couldn’t be more optimistic about all of the exciting things we will be able to announce soon. The farms are ready. Our permissionless yield farming feature is built, tested, and working seamlessly on our dev environment.

We are currently working through our security audit with Halborn and it is going well. We’re in communication on a daily basis ensuring that no stone is left unturned so our farmers can benefit from a secure platform that is vetted by the industry’s best. You’ll be the first to know once it’s completed.

In the meantime? We’re already in talks with 5 SPL projects interested in launching Certified Farms on CropperFinance. Plus we’ve got a bunch more coming down the pipeline we’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks. And it’s only been 10 days since we launched.

Lastly, as a commitment to our farmers, we’ll be issuing weekly updates to keep everyone informed on CRPs progress until the Farms are open. Tune in next week for everything you need to know.



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Decentralized platform on the Solana blockchain — it introduces Permission less Yield Farming to the Solana ecosystem. Made by Farmers for Farmers.