TIER 5 FOR LIFE: Cropper Kicks-Off New IDO Launchpad Fertilizer With Potentially Biggest Giveaway Solana Has Ever Seen

If you want to achieve something no one has ever achieved before you need to be willing to do something no one has ever done before. On February 4th, Cropper announced its new IDO Launchpad Fertilizer. Then, we spent the month of February rolling out our new 5 Staking Tier Avatars, which connect to IDO Allocation in Fertilizer. On February 25th, we opened our Fertilizer page and revealed 2 of the first 3 projects to be launching with Fertilizer in the coming weeks. But today, we announce our most exciting initiative yet: Tier 5 For Life.

The Tier 5 For Life Giveaway campaign was created to help celebrate the launch of Fertilizer, drive traffic to its upcoming IDOs, and give back to the Cropper Community. Cropper has 5 Staking Tiers. With each increasing tier, Stakers receive more rewards for Fertilizer. Tiers 1 and 2 receive lottery tickets. Tiers 3, 4, and 5 receive increasing amounts of Guaranteed Allocation for each Fertilizer IDO.

”Most airdrop giveaways in our industry are for $100 — $200 USD in tokens. We think that’s fine, but Fertilizer’s launch was much bigger to us. Guaranteed Allocation on IDO Launchpads is a huge investment opportunity. The winner of Tier 5 For Life will be able to consistently invest at a pre-sale token price at the highest volume Fertilizer allows for the rest of their lives — it could really be life changing.” — Croppish, Founder at Cropper

According to CryptoRank.io, the average IDO Platform ROI is around 250% when averaging all prices today and 3000%+ when averaging all ATHs. This means that whoever wins Tier 5 For Life will have the opportunity to secure 250% — 3000% ROI on average for every dollar invested into Fertilizer.

Even at 250%, if you only participated in one IDO per month and you invested $50 per Allocation @ 55 Guaranteed IDO Allocations, you’re looking at an additional $4,125 USD ROI added to your portfolio per month. And that’s a low-end estimate.

Cropper Staking Tiers Allocation Type Breakdown by Tier
Cropper Staking Tiers Guaranteed Allocation Ratio by Tier

This campaign was designed to drive as much traffic and attention to Fertilizer’s opening and the 3 projects we will be launching on it in the coming weeks. The action will happen transparently, in public, on Twitter.

The winner will be randomly selected before the AMA. We’re going to be announcing the winner live on Twitter Spaces at the end of Friday’s AMA with a mystery guest.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • OPENS: Wednesday March 2nd, 2022 on Twitter @ 2:30PM UTC
  • HOW TO ENTER: Contestants will be able to enter by completing the social tasks outlined in the Tier 5 For Life Giveaway Tweet.
  • WINNER ANNOUNCED LIVE: The winner will be announced LIVE on Friday, March 4th at 4:30 PM UTC at the end of an AMA that Cropper will host on Twitter Spaces with a Mystery Guest who will also be representing the 1st project Cropper will launch on Fertilizer.

NOTE: If the winner does the social tasks but does not personally attend the AMA, they will not win. Another winner will be chosen.

Cropper is an AMM-powered ecosystem built on the Solana blockchain that offers a diverse portfolio of Defi services to its users. With Swap, Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, and their IDO Launchpad Fertilizer, Cropper exists to empower other projects while streamlining opportunities for its community to maximize their yield.

To learn more about Cropper, please visit https://cropper.finance/



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