CRP Staking Is Now Live! What’s Next?

2 min readDec 6, 2021

We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched Staking on Cropper. Our 5th feature added, Staking joins Swap, Pools, Farms, and Fertilizer in the Cropper ecosystem as another way farmers and holders can get more out of their CRP.

Staking has been consistently requested by the Cropper community, so we’re happy to be able deliver. Here’s the rundown of what to expect, and what the future of staking on Cropper will look like.

CRP Single-Asset Staking

Croppers, you can keep your LP tokens on the farms. Our Staking feature will be CRP Single-Asset stake only. This gives CRP holders who prefer staking to yield farming the chance to grow their CRP bag without the daily attention yield farming often demands. Though those who stake will still be able to harvest their accumulated staking rewards at any time. As always, the longer you stake, the higher the rewards. Just choose your stake amount and how long you’d like to stake and that’s it.

Rewards Breakdown by Months Vested:

  • 1 month — x 1.0
  • 3 months — x 1.1
  • 6 months — x 1.3
  • 12 months — x 2.0

However, we’ve got much bigger plans for CRP staking — and we’re already working on it.

Remember Fertilizer? It’s under construction.

Closed temporarily for renovations. In its beta, Fertilizer was originally meant to be our hero farm feature. It helped launch farms on Cropper through early-access private farm events. It was designed to give Croppers the chance to farm exclusively for a set period and receive special rewards for their participation. We loved the concept of Fertilizer but felt it was falling short of its true potential. We think it can be better — a lot better.

Our team is in the process of a full revamp of Fertilizer. Including its purpose, its connection to staking tiers based on total staked + stake duration, and how it can continually provide valuable opportunities to CRP holders. We want Fertilizer to be a feature that can become a gateway for new projects joining the Solana ecosystem while also rewarding our most loyal supporters. We’re almost there.

So when will Fertilizer 2.0 go live?

This overhaul of Fertilizer won’t be anything like the original. We’re excited to roll it out in Q1 2022.

Until then, we hope you enjoy our newest feature. Happy Staking. Stay tuned.

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