CropperFinance Reveals New Feature: Fertilizer

3 min readSep 30, 2021


As we close the last week of Q3 and approach the end of our audit, we’re excited for our farms to finally open. CropperFinance will be the first permissionless yield farming platform, but every farmer knows the key harvesting a high yield is fertile soil.

We challenged ourselves to launch CropperFinance with a feature that would allow us to unite our passion for innovation in blockchain and DeFi with our passion for investing back in our community and delivering value to Croppers. Well, we did it.

Meet Fertilizer, our Farm Launcher’s hero feature

fertilizer — noun /ˈfəːtɪlʌɪzə/ a chemical or natural substance added to soil or land to increase its fertility.

Fertilizer is a Community Farm Offering feature that gives dedicated Croppers exclusive access to a continuous stream of in-platform hosted whitelist and yield farming opportunities on CropperFinance. Fertilizer will connect carefully vetted SPL projects to CRP’s permissionless yield farming ecosystem; giving Croppers the chance to farm exclusively for a set period and receive special rewards for their participation.

“Our goal with Fertilizer was really to empower some of the great projects coming up in the Solana ecosystem with a feature that would continuously increase the value that CropperFinance can provide its farmers. We knew we had the right platform — but now we know we’ve got the right feature. With Fertilizer, everyone wins.” — Croppish, CEO, CropperFinance

Fertilizer’s Ingredients and their Purpose

For Farmers

  • Early Access — Fertilizer gives those who join fertilizer farm whitelists the ability to enter a private farming round on the CropperFinance platform before the farm is open to the public.
  • Security — Project builder emission tokens are vested in our smart contracts, meaning Fertilizer’s farming emissions are protected from pump-and-dump schemes.
  • Qualified Projects Only — All projects who submit for Fertilizer will be reviewed with due diligence before they can be approved.
  • Synergy — Fertilizer is an engagement focused feature that provides a recurring stream of platform exclusive value to both farmers and farms.
  • More Rewards — Farmers who participate in Fertilizer farm events will have the chance to special prizes (such as airdropped tokens, NFTs, and more) and can increase their lottery tickets through referrals.

For Builders

  • Fertilizer Spotlight — Builders can utilize CropperFinance’s in-platform APP to execute high-impact whitelists that build hype while delivering lottery rewards to farmers effortlessly.
  • Security & Stability — As a result of increased visibility, projects who launch with Fertilizer will benefit from increased liquidity, which in turn anchors token price stability.
  • The Cropper Community — If reviewed and approved for Fertilizer, projects will be amplified through CropperFinance’s growing global community of pioneering farmers.
  • Farm Endorsement — Projects that successfully participate in Fertilizer will receive CropperFinance’s “Labelized” badge for in platform search as soon as they launch.

Want to be the first to use Fertilizer?

Native to and run on CropperFinance, Fertilizer leverages win-win relationships through high impact community farm events to empower projects and farmers. Fertilizer is the gift to our farmers that we expect to keep on giving.

The first farm featured? You guessed it: CropperFinance. We’ll be sharing details of the kick-off Fertilizer event soon that will tell our community everything they need to do to get the most out of this early access event.

If you have any Qs feel free to give a Community Manager a shoutout in your go-to CropperFinance Telegram Community. Otherwise, stay tuned — you’re not going to want to miss this.




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