CropperFinance partners with Solanium for its IDO

3 min readAug 14, 2021


CropperFinance´s initial funding round closed with great success and we are happy to welcome our backers on our journey to make permissions-less yield farming on Solana a thing. After closing our funding round, which saw investment from various reputable VCs and Angel Investors from the blockchain industry, we are now thrilled to announce the following: Our native $CRP token will be launching with an IDO event on Solanium!

Solanium is the go-to platform for IDOs on the Solana blockchain. The Solanium platform helps innovative DeFi projects to launch into the Solana ecosystem. Their platform enables everyone to participate in token sales, while they include support for Solana wallets. Solanium gives users the ability to stake their tokens and will, in the future, allow them to trade (DEX), participate in pools and ultimately join the platform governance.

Next to their platform strength, Solanium created an ever growing and strong community with members and investors from around the world, all sharing the same vision to invest into upcoming innovative projects launches. That is why we are more than excited to be part of this, while honouring our pledge to have a flawless, fair and exciting launch.

IDO Information

  • 4,000,000 CRP tokens (0.8% of total supply) will be sold in the public IDO event
  • The public sale price will be $0.05 per CRP token
  • A total of USDC 200,000 will be raised from the public IDO event

IDO Timeline (UTC)

  • Whitelist Start: Aug 16, 2021–2:00:00 PM
  • Whitelist Lottery Results: Aug 18, 2021–2:00:00 PM

== KYC for Whitelist Winners ==

  • Sale Start: Aug 18, 2021–3:00:00 PM
  • Distribution: Aug 23, 2021–2:00:00 PM

Seed Round Information

CropperFinance Seed Investment Round resulted in a total raise of 400,000.00 USDC, with notable investors such as CryptoJ or Index Capital. Our private investment round is ongoing until August 20th with already joining SkyVision Capital as new notable backers.

The CRP Token

$CRP is the native token of CropperFinance. Holders will be able to deposit $CRP into liquidity pools (LP) in order to provide liquidity to the farm of their choice in CRP pair. The $CRP will also be needed to pay farm creation fees, for project builder that want to launch a permission less farm on our platform.

  • Rewards $CRP holders
  • Introduce new LPs on CropperFinance

Buy Back of $CRP‌

The fees on CropperFinance will be redistributed in the following way:

·50% will go to $CRP farmers

·10% will go to the treasury

·40% will be burned until the max supply reaches 100,000,000.00 $CRP.

Once the hard cap reaches 100,000,000.00 $CRP, 80% of the fees will go to $CRP farmers and 20% to the treasury fund.

About CropperFinance

CropperFinance and its native token $CRP will integrate into the existing ecosystem of Solana by enabling all SPL projects builders to launch seamlessly permission less yield farming for their communities. For that purpose our platform is run on our own token: $CRP.

We are able to service every SPL project with our Plug&Play approach.This unique approach will allow all existing and new projects to instantly grant their community yield farming in USDC or CRP pairing. Our offering will allow the whole Solana ecosystem to connect their liquidity to the platform, set up the total supply for yield farming, decide the weekly emission schedule and launch their yield farming instantly.

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