In this (final) weekly update we’ll report:

  • The new site design + reception of new feature Fertilizer
  • The launch of our investment arm Cropperbros Research and its first partner
  • A big upcoming event and what to expect entering October

Out of this World: Outcrowd completes site design

One of the main reasons we were so excited to partner with our UX expert design agency Outcrowd…

As we close the last week of Q3 and approach the end of our audit, we’re excited for our farms to finally open. CropperFinance will be the first permissionless yield farming platform, but every farmer knows the key harvesting a high yield is fertile soil.

We challenged ourselves to launch…

In this update we’ll report:

  • The progress of the Halborn audit
  • More new integrations + trading options CRP added this week
  • The first mention of an exciting new CropperFinance feature

Halborn Audit Progress

We’ll kick-off our second to last Weekly Update (that’s right Croppers, only one more left) with the good news we think Croppers have been waiting…

In this update we’ll cover:

  • This week’s Solana outage and its impact on CRP
  • CRP holder increases and upcoming events
  • The recent organic growth of our global communities

Thank You Croppers

Three weeks ago we promised Croppers we would provide weekly updates until the farms have been opened — and…

In this update we’ll report:

  • CRP’s performance and the key highlights of the last 7 days
  • Updates regarding MEXC, CRP’s new Market ID, Halborn, and more
  • Additions to partnerships and communities.

CropperFinance Pushes Past $1.00, Hits New ATH

Less than 3 weeks post-launch, CRP passed the $1.00 milestone and achieved a new ATH of $1.68 on Our market cap increased and…

In this update we’ll report:

  • How smooth CRP’s performance has been out of the gate
  • Additions to partnerships, exchanges, our team, and more
  • The progress of our Halborn audit and some exciting new developments

CRP Is Successfully Launched

Last month we took a huge step toward realizing our mission to provide the first Permissionless Yield Farming protocol on Solana…

Halborn Steps In As Security Advisor To Cropper Finance

We are thrilled to announce that we will partner with Halborn cybersecurity ahead of our token and farm launch for a full audit of our platform and continuous security advisory for the future. …

Solanium IDO

Having prepared for weeks to ensure a smooth and fair launch as the 2nd project to launch on the Solanium platform, we would firstly like to thank everyone who participated in the CropperFinance IDO — Your participation is highly appreciated and we are very humbled to have had over 70,000…

CropperFinance´s initial funding round closed with great success and we are happy to welcome our backers on our journey to make permissions-less yield farming on Solana a thing. …

The team at CropperFinance has been busy in development with innovating the Yield Farming sector. We would like to provide an exciting, new update and share with our community that we have just onboarded another strategic partner, SkyVision Capital!

SkyVision Capital is providing long-term commitment to the CropperFinance project through…


Decentralized platform on the Solana blockchain — it introduces Permission less Yield Farming to the Solana ecosystem. Made by Farmers for Farmers.

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